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Hajj and Umrah Packages 2018

Hajj Umrah are the most desired sacred journey of every Muslim on the planet. This once in a lifetime obligatory prayer needs special treatment where the pilgrims can perform the rituals with complete concentration, peace and harmony. Seeing the Kaaba either if it is for the first time or second, to touch the walls of this purest home on earth or to kiss the “Hajr e Aswad” –all that matters is to feel the presence and direct relation with your Creator on a very real note!

Hajj Umrah 2018 Packages from USA

Hajj and Umrah is one of the five pillars of Islam. It’s obligatory for every Muslim once in their lifetime, provided they’re financially capable and physically fit as well. Hajj is performed over specific days during a designated Islamic month and Umrah can be performed along with Hajj and on other days as well. The importance of Umrah, Umrah means to visit the place which is densely populated. As of the Hajj, valued and rewards in Islam.

We help you to live the moments of performing your hajj rituals to the fullest. With the expertise in multiple travel administrations and management, we have designed fabulous Hajj Umrah Packages for individuals, couples, family and groups. Our successful operations for Hajj Umrah from USA have created a persistent and satisfied clientele making our exclusive Hajj and Umrah Packages the best in the USA.

We have planned to go on the best level for 2018 Hajj Umrah Packages to serve you with quality and comfort at affordable rates. We are connected with multiple airlines to facilitate you in a best possible way. For any query, email us at: info@hajjumrahpackages.us

Persons who perform Hajj and Umrah are the guests of Allah. He will grant them their wishes and any prayer that they recite will be accepted. - Imam Sadiq (a.s.)